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Karine Durand

My adventures in North America

My adventure

Passionate about the great American spaces, I regularly go to train in the field and immerse myself in unspoiled nature. These stays and trainings are an opportunity for me to enrich my knowledge of the climate, biodiversity and the management of natural lands. I then share this knowledge on television, in my videos, articles and conferences.

Glaciers & wildlife tour with nature experts

I went to Alaska with 2 nature guides to witness the evolution of glaciers, learn everything about them, and watch wildlife in their natural habitat. I had the opportunity to hike on the most beautiful glaciers of North America (Matanuska) and see from very close some active glaciers (Holgate and Aialik). I have spent time watching wildlife such as grizzlies, mooses, humback whales, orcas...) with nature experts and also with plants experts in Denali. Incredible learning experience about wilderness and climate.

2 days trip with naturalists in Wyoming

I have spent a few days with 2 naturalists across Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Gros Ventre Wilderness to witness the last glaciers, learn about geology, animal migrations and conflicts with population, impact of wildfires on biodiversity, and the missions of national parks.

Storm report in Texas

Several stays in Texas during extreme weather events, including snow storm Landon : I did live reports on screen during the event and some of my videos were used by international media.


I spent several weeks in the canadian rocky mountains : in an adventure
ranch in Alberta, where they teach about mountain ecosystem and preservation, survival skills, with an ex-colonel of the army ! I rode an average of 26 km per day in the wild Kananaskis area, up to 2500 meters, with an international group of adventurous women (canadian, american, german). I also spent a few days in a eco-cabin, in British Columbia, with only solar energy and limited access to electricity : such an interesting experience !

11 travels/clinics in traditional Montana ranches

Horseback cattle drives in extreme rocky mountains environments and climates, in summer, fall and winter, and learning experience in "rangeland management". Main stay in a ranch located in Glacier county, with 75 000 acres in a natural wooded area, 300 cows (angus and charolais) and more than 100 horses. Extreme temperatures in this part of Montana : -50°C and snow.

2009 to 2022
4 Arizona ranch trips

I love Arizona for his biodiversity and extreme weather. I studied the storm season in the Sonoran Desert-the monsoon of the southwestern USA and adaptation of farmers to desert climate. Main stay in a historic ranch build in 1900 near the Mexican border, adjacent to Saguaro National Park, with very warm (45°C) and unstable climate : severe thunderstorms all summer long, flash floods. The ranch owns 150 Longhorns cows, 180 horses (largest private herd in Arizona) and uses solar energy : 40% of the ranch

2008 to 2023
5 hiking trips to Glacier National Park in Montana

To understand the impact of climate change on the ecosystem and study wildlife

2011 to 2015
Other stays in the USA

The USA are like a second home to me and I always try to stop in different places across the country when I travel to the american wilderness. I prefer to travel by myself, with locals only, the best way to meet people, share their life and immerse myself in different lifestyle and culture !

From 2007 to this day
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